Your winter party outfit inspiration

Thinking about how to dress up your vegan shoes this winter? It’s easy to lose your personal style amongst layers…so how do you keep cosy, whilst also looking your sexy hot self?

December 22nd, 2022 | Abby Brooks
Going out outfits in winter

The cosy vibes of winter are all fun and games until you decide to venture outside in the near freezing temperatures, with no clue on what to wear with your trusty chunky boots.

A dilemma of wanting to look iconic whilst also being (mildly) practical is damaging to my life and soul, and it’s an art that I’m still yet to master. This is a real first world problem I know, but I’m aware that many of you also share it, and so here I am to save the day with some hot AF inspo for the cold AF weather.


This kind of outfit is sexy without actually revealing anything - since the only skin visible is the face & a lil’ bitta chest. @paris.artiste pairing her thigh high chunky boots with skin tight trousers and a cinched in oversized blazer is low-key genius - oozing coolness but still looking cozy. A heavily colour co-ordinated and accesorised ‘fit is a good way to put a lot of effort in and look your best without sacrificing warmth. She’s about to be the cosiest and coolest gal in the club! I have major outfit envy from her matching green futuristic sunglasses and Green Redemption Boots.


You don’t necessarily need to layer up socks, tights and trousers to stay warm this season! Your winter party outfit can use some ‘smart’ layering that still pretty much give the appearance of a dressy outfit from any other time of the year. The beautiful dark angel @quimomo masters this here - pairing her mini dress and Teal Platform Heels with a PU trench coat and possibly some flesh coloured tights (although I can’t tell for certain) which give the appearance of bare legs. As you may or may not know, PU material is insulating and sometimes even a lil’ bit sweaty - which is perfect since it isn’t too thick or bulky either.


HUGE couple outfit envy here; and the way they’ve used layers as an accessory as opposed to a hindrance is so smart. @gi.s.h and @marianaazoch have won the game here with their co-ordinated winter outfits that not only look jaw-droppingly cool but I bet they are super cosy, too; so perfect for day-to-night parties.

The guy’s outfit here is dressed up and high fashion: the distressed printed trousers with the addition of sunglasses, a faux fur bucket hat and cross-body bag shows that maximum effort has been put in. The practicality comes in with the warmth and durability of his fluffy hat and jacket as well as his Koi Corrupter shoes.

I could spend all day talking about @marianaazoch’s outfit because I’m so obsessed with the layers and accessories! I love the way she wears these loud, almost butterfly-like patterned tights and matching high neck mesh top underneath her preppy grey mini skirt and white afghan cardigan - which also looks super cosy. Wearing your Platform Heels can actually be very practical in this case as this cool gal put a pair of white gym socks over her tights to keep her toes warm. LOVE.


@vine.fits has made me realise I suddenly need an umbrella to match every one of my outfits. Here, the focus is on textures and tones. By choosing an earthy, neutral palette and then adding a cool-toned blue jacket for a pop of colour, he’s created a streetwear-inspired but also party-ready outfit which is comfortable and warm, whilst showing his personal style.

You can show your personality when styling your Chunky Trainers through layering your favourite colours and wearing textures which represent your vibe. For example, if you’re more into gothic aesthetics then you could experiment with pleather and lace; whereas if you’re more relaxed and streetwear-oriented then you can play with vintage denim, tracksuits and quilted materials.


More co-ordinated couple’s outfits to bless your eyes with: @joannahstyle is here to show you the power of one pop of colour. Hannah wears a mini skirt and long sleeve cropped top co-ord with her her Green Redemption platform boots, which is sexy but doesn’t reveal much skin other than part of the midriff and top of the thigh. By accessorising with a Y2K-inspired bag and oversized sunglasses, the IT-girl clubbing vibe is completed.

Josef wears the same all black colour scheme with the addition of his neon green fluffy chain scarf, once again looking club-ready. He looks straight out of a Berlin rave with his pleather trousers, futuristic platform shoes and sunglasses. Their outfits do not scream “I’m fighting for my life here and trying to stay as warm as possible”, they actually scream “I am extremely cool”. 


I’m not saying that this sort of outfit will keep you extra warm when it’s literally freezing outside, but throwing a jacket over your mini skirt and crop top does the world of wonders when you’re going between Ubers and bars, and wearing these High Boots make it even better. Every little bit of warmth helps! I love the way @jessjesscraig doesn’t surrender to winter, in the sense that she’s still wearing light colours! Don’t let the cold weather tell you that you can’t wear lights or brights if they’re your favs - if it makes you feel good then wear it.

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