We put on a drum and bass event with Inja. How did it go?

Sticky floors, overpriced drinks, toilets with no toilet paper, dirty trainers, empty cans on the floor. If you’ve ever attended a rave, you’re guaranteed to have experienced at least 4 out of 5 of these. And that’s what makes them so exciting. I’m probably not the only person who feels like the world has quite frankly gone to sh!t in the recent months (years) - and don’t we all know that in dark times, the music scene grows stronger. People love to make connections within it as they turn to nightlife as a means of escapism.

October 13th, 2022 | Abby Brooks

We decided to throw a big fat drum and bass party. Why? First of all, we thought it would be the best way to launch our trainer collaboration with Inja: the uber-talented MC/DJ/producer. Secondly, freshers week was upon us, and what better time to put on a rave than freshers week, where everyone is looking to go feral? We were inviting anyone familiar with the brand, as well as introducing it to people we think would love it.


The event was held in the Bread Shed, a venue located right next to Manchester Met uni, as well as accommodation for the surrounding UoM and BIMM accommodation - so an absolute student hotspot really. It has small warehouse vibes, which is a slight shock considering its location in the back of the Flour and Flagon pub - a pub often occupied by older gentlemen and quiet folks minding their own business and slowly sipping their way through cheap pints. But aren’t the best venues where you least expect them?

Entering the Bread Shed, you are met by the thudding of drum and bass, over 120 beats per minute. It wouldn’t be strange to find yourself starting to dance as you walk in as you can feel the bass in the ground. The room was dimly lit and smokey, with neon lighting scattered near the stage.

Inside, there is a lineup consisting of established names in the drum and bass scene: Inja, Chimpo and Fox - as well as the more locally known but equally as talented Kaz. As each artist entered the venue, they greet each other: it is apparent that they knew each other from the scene.


One inspiring thing about Inja is how humble he is. Before his set, he is in the crowd, introducing himself to people there and getting photos with them. He doesn’t hide away backstage like many artists, which I feel is normally motivated by a feeling of superiority. He knows we are all human and appreciates the love from fans.


The vibe throughout the venue is overall pretty immaculate. The crowd is kitted out in their best trainers, parachute pants, oversized t-shirts, boots, skirts and crop tops. Everyone’s socialising and making friends: whether you’re in the smoking area, dance floor or the toilet queue, there’s bound to be a conversation initiated by a compliment or just a “Hiya!”. The least expected but one of the most social places - the girls’ toilets. Girls supporting girls, exchanging Instagram @s, complimenting outfits and taking photos. 

There is an aura of excitement: for many of the people here, it’s one of their first times going out as a university student, or even in Manchester at all. That first night out as a fresher has a feeling that you will only experience once: you’re most likely in a new city, with new people and new venues. Aside from any nervousness, now is the time to let go and enjoy a night of freedom and great music. 

“...I had such a lovely time, the Koi team are so welcoming...I have social anxiety and I’m not good at events but I just felt really comfortable around you all...can’t wait for another event”

Even if you were attending the event as a non-student or non-fresher, the excitement in the room was contagious. There isn’t much to go wrong when there’s a great intimate venue, a stellar line-up, a crowd of happy people and a bar serving alcohol. 

One downside to the night was that it ended so abruptly; next time we need to be sure to book the venue later and for longer. In that case, it would be a 10/10.

This event was a real full circle for me - my first night out when I moved to Manchester as a fresher was a £3 drum and bass event, at the Bread Shed. Life is funny sometimes!

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