Things that are so Cheugy (Millenial)

We have been working hard on expanding our vocabulary, and we recently learned what the world cheugy means! So just like everyone else on the internet we had to compiled a list of things we think scream cheugy. 

Let's begin by saying we don't want anyone to be offended by our list. We have all fallen victim to the cheug!

June 6th, 2021 | Kev
1. Pinterest -- Just cheugy!
2. Ballerina flats -- Extra cheugy
3. Ugg boots -- 100 extra cheugy points if you had these
4. Friends -- Sorry but it's cheugy
5. Anything made by Buzzfeed -- Radiates cheugy energy
6. Jackly Hill -- Queen cheug
7. Cupcakes -- Cheugy
8. Marble and rose gold -- Super cheugy
9. Coffee table books and stacks of magazines -- Lots of cheugy energy here
10. Eos lipbalm -- The cheugy lip balm of choice
11. Gucci belt -- Cheug
12. Girl boss energy -- Exudes cheugy vibes
13. Side partings -- Cheugyyyyy
14. Moustache Shit -- Ultimate cheug
15. Doormats -- Just seems kinda cheugy
16. Latte art -- Cheugy vibes
17. Michael Kors -- The cheugy king
18. Lots and lots of concealer and contour -- Cheugy, cheugy, cheugy
Does anyone else feel personally attacked by this list? And are we actually a little cheugy for making this list?
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