The most sexy and stretchy boots you need in your life

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Koi has pulled through with some stretchy, sexy, iconic VEGAN boots for all beautiful shapes and sizes, including plus size and wider feet - with the Redemption Black and Redemption Black Patent going up to a UK size 10. These were six months in the making, and these baddies will make you feel like a baddie - they’ve been tried and tested to prove it. There’s a boot for every vibe - whether you’re more understated and want a black short platform boot, going all out with a pair of bright green thigh high boots, or feeling sweet in baby pink like @soursummer below. Try them if you dare, you won’t regret it.

August 19th, 2022 | Abby Brooks
The confidence

Everyone in the office tried each colour of these wide fit boots on when the samples came through, and I must say we all looked and felt hot (and kinda didn’t wanna take them off, lowkey considering working at our desk in them). For many of us they weren’t our usual style, but after trying them on we all wanted them in our lives. They are truly life-changing. Trust us, you will feel the same, and they will give you the added main character height that you deserve.

The stretch AND size range

You asked, we listened. It’s important to make sure everyone has the ability to enjoy the same styles if they want to, so this drop has been carefully crafted and developed over six months to fit from size 3 up to size 9 and 10, and the body of the boots has a stretch to mould to any figure, to the left @nellhenry wears the Redemption Black and looks AMAZING. You may be dubious, but these have been tried and tested on a variety of heights, shapes and frames - if you need help getting ‘em on, grab some baby powder or lube and you’re good to go (but not both together as this will create a strange lubey white paste on your legs). These boots are also 100% suitable for wide feet, too! Honestly, we wanted EVERYONE to be able to join the stretch boot party.

The versatility

No matter what style or occasion you want to dress for, there’s a pair of these bad boys for everyone. These can take you from casual day events (if that’s what you’re into) all the way into the night, and then the morning after. Take them to a festival to make sure all eyes are on you: the shiny material makes them easy to wash off any mud or debris at even the messiest of situations. 






  • Pride? One pink boot, one green boot.

The comfort

Unlike many other mega platform shoes, these keep your feet moulded and secure in the boot, which means they are super comfy and feel like part of your body, as if they are meant to be there. You’ll be able to go from day to night, walk, run and dance as much as you please, and you’ll be iconic as well as comfortable. Win-win situation, really. You could even sleep in these bad boys…you’ll sleep like a baby.


If you think these are too much for you, or that you don’t have the wardrobe to pair with them, I’m afraid to inform you that you’re wrong. I mean, can’t a pair of boots can fit into any wardrobe? Anyway, we’ve already clarified that everyone feels STUNNING in these - we would say that you only have one life, so use this life to try some sexy stretch boots - you’re gonna look amazing. No judgement here, baddie vibes only. If you’re scared you’ll get any weird looks, hit us up and we will write a personalised note to hype you up.

We love platforms

Our Akiba Black Sock Platform Heels are a much more understated boot for all of you who aren't feeling so adventurous, but they still have the main character effect. They are an ankle length black platform boot, and we've got these in a Stretch version and a Non-Stretch version so that all body shapes can fit these...check 'em out below. For a knee high moment, The Restless Riser Black Platform Long Boots are another simple but effective platform boot. Again these come in a Stretch version and a Non-Stretch version.

How to style

In terms of a wardrobe checklist, all-black ‘fits are guaranteed to go hard with these. Let the boots do the talking - you can pair them with a black mini skirt, black dress, black jeans, or go for a high fashion contrasting look with a black tracksuit and futuristic sunglasses - Kim K vibes anyone? Whether you have a goth style, a monochrome capsule wardrobe, or you prefer a girly look or even love a good tracksuit - there’s a boot for all. If you’re more of a go hard or go home kinda person, colour match your boots to your ‘fit - we’re thinking all green outfits, all pink outfits, latex, vegan leather, fishnet, mesh, mini skirts, jumpsuits: EXTRA VIBES. Accessorise with the loudest sunglasses, chains, huge earrings, bright wigs - there can never be enough accessories. Get your graphic eyeliner skills out, it’s time to coordinate a green wing with your green boots. Rave and festival looks sorted, or your next ‘popping to Tesco’ look.

Wardrobe checklist
  • All black anything

  • Fishnet

  • Mesh

  • Accessories upon accessories

  • Chains & metallic details

  • Futuristic sunglasses

  • All hot pink

  • All bright green

  • Mini skirts

  • Mini dresses

  • PVC and vegan leather if you dare

The grand finale

We hope you love these new vegan wide feet boots as much as they’re gonna love you. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’, but we do believe that every person should be able to enjoy the same styles, and there should be no limits. This is why we’re working on creating more styles for you all to enjoy, so keep your eyes peeled for more in the future!

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