The Evolution Of Poppy

To celebrate the launch of our latest collection with the creative force that is Poppy (check out the collection here.) Known only to very few as Moriah Rose Pereira. Let's take a look at the evolution of Poppy and the different eras of her career. 

May 1st, 2021 | Kev

Poppy is and has been many things, a smash hit artist, a Youtuber, an actor and even a religious leader to The Church Of Poppy. Because she truly is a figure worthy of worship and a master of multimedia. She demands your attention, absolutely every minute of it. 

The Era Of I'm Poppy 

Back in 2015 from a small corner of the internet, a strange video was posted in which a striking young girl introduced herself over and over again for ten minutes. Who is this? Well in her own words "I Am Poppy." The clip went instantly viral and was followed by an ensemble of strangeness. The channel posted micro-monologues that included Poppy interviewing a basil plant and eating a banana, all in the name of entertainment. 

The intrigue of the Poppy persona has gained a cultish following. That is only heightened by the vast amount of conspiracy theories that surround her. Some claim she is a part of the Illuminati and others say she is less than or perhaps more than human. We can confirm she is in fact human! 

In a nutshell, Poppy is and was pure escapism, she created an almost hallucinatory digital wormhole filled with the weird and wonderful. 

 The Era Of 'Poppy.Computer' 

In 2017 Poppy released her debut album titled 'Poppy.Computer.' Creating her own space in the pop world. And further transcended into her carefully manufactured robot pop princess persona. The album moves between teen pop and an insightful sometimes disturbing commentary on the internet. That could almost be missed because of the sugary sweet nature of the music.  

The Era OF ‘Am I A Girl?’ 

This is possibly the most bewildering album you will ever listen to and we mean that in the absolute best possible way. You will have never heard anything else like it. 

It seems with the song 'In A Minute' Poppy is trying to figure out for herself if she is human or a robot. Playing with the audience and the long standing conspiracy  that she is an android. And despite the sweet catchy nature of her songs, there has always been darker undertones that foreshadow the progression of her artistry. 

The Era Of Poppy’s Reinvention Era 

When Poppy first exploded onto the music scene she came across as your very stereotypical perfect robot pop princess. Poppy is now breaking away from the confinement of the internet character Poppy and moving into metal music. In the album 'I Disagree' the enigmatic music star takes a radical shift with little regard for gentleness. Moving from her previous sickly sweet sonic styling towards becoming her own independent artist. The album explores the idea of building yourself back up after complete desolation. In her own words Poppy has said:

“This album feels like my first album... All the things I’ve loved, I’ve been able to pour into this one. I got to have total freedom and didn’t let anyone else give their opinions until it was done, and even when it was done I didn’t really take their opinion into account. I just made what made me happy and proud, and was something I would listen to and want to perform for the next year or so on tour. It was all about what felt right. That’s what I try to operate on: does it feel real and does it feel right for me?”

(Poppy, The Big Read)

The phenomenon that is Poppy is taking back the power against anyone and everyone who has ever held her back. Like the true queen she is. 

The Era Of Poppy x Koi Footwear 

We are honored to have teamed up with Poppy and launched a premium shoe collection titled 'Poppy's Little Secret.' Perhaps one of Poppy's most exciting collaborations if we do say so ourselves. 

The iconic styles are unexpected and truly capture the spirit of Poppy. They are inspired by her genre blurring music and avant-guard pop-electro-kawaii-metal persona. Each style comes with a co-branded limited edition holographic locket. This can be worn with the shoes or kept as a keepsake of the collaboration

This collection includes a futuristic style called Dear. This is a glossy baby blue mary jane shoe with a bubble trainer sole and six daring pointed spikes. 

The collection also includes a white bubble trainer called Peppy, this chunky lace-up trainer style is available in both men's and women's sizes. 

We must caution you because this collection is deadly stylish. So go on Poppy seeds grab yourself a pair and join this creative madness. We dare you.  

Poppy will certainly leave a spectacularly unique legacy and it has been a dream come true to work with an artist of this calibre. She is truly one of a kind and a full creature of the internet, and we revel in it. 

I am the missing link to the question. Neither human nor spirit, I am simply the conclusion to all questions theoretical physics has thrown at us. In the past I have shape-shifted from the second to the third dimension, and my brain is full of tunnels and black holes. Other than that I enjoy reality TV