Teletubbies X Koi: Where are the 'Tubbies now?

We are MEGA excited to announce our collaboration with Teletubbies for a nostalgic 11 piece collection - our most magical collaboration to date! See behind the scenes of this Koi campaign shoot, and find out some totally legit information on what the Teletubbies are up to in 2022 and 2023.

December 16th, 2022 | Abby Brooks

Eh-oh! Koi ventured over the hills and far away, to a lovely grassy place filled with Tubby Toast and Tubby Custard. Guessed it yet? It’s the Teletubbies in Teletubbyland, duh! If you think we went all out with Yami Kawaii, Hotel Room Service or Utopia - think again. This has been our most magical drop to date, birthed in the Tubbytronic Superdrome.

Koi X Teletubbies

The collab capsule drop consists of 11 playful styles of vegan shoes, all featuring aspects of the well-known cheerful characters - and even one for Naughty Noo Noo. Including platform boots, chunky boots, heeled boots and Mary Janes - despite not quite being for the faint hearted, there's a style for pretty much everyone. We wanted to bring you back to your childhood in the most fun way, perfect for those who thrive off of nostalgia and novelty.

Why Teletubbies?

Why not? It may seem random, crazy and unexpected but that’s literally what Koi is all about. The real question here should be why didn’t we do it sooner? Pretty much everyone has fond memories of watching the Teletubbies growing up, so we thought it would be best to resurrect those memories in the form of some iconic shoes. Our campaign shoot had the stunning models in outfits fit for the most stylish Teletubbies you’ve ever seen - and the hair to match.

In spirit of this retro revisitation - we thought we would see what the ‘Tubbies are getting up to now*. A very special thanks to our creative Instagram followers for sending in their suggestions of these magical creatures’ whereabouts.

What is happening in Teletubbyland in 2022?

Since Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po no longer live in Teletubbyland, it raises the question of “what is going on there these days?”.

Funny story - the local council actually started planning on turning this grassy land into an AirBnb for people to book as ‘an immersive novelty experience’, but the ‘Tubbies had a different idea.

They rejected these plans from the council because they didn’t want their birthplace to become a commodity. Instead, they now use the area as an allotment to grow fresh produce for the local area, as well as the secret ingredient to tubby custard that turns it pink…

What is happening to Tinky Winky in 2022?

This 10 foot tall king was known for his effeminate personality on the show, ultimately breaking some gender boundaries and expectations without even knowing it!

His favourite thing whilst on the show was his red bag - and now he has established his very own accessory brand under his own name. The brand’s best selling product is a red mini handbag named the Winky, which is heavily inspired by the Birkin - and has famously been seen on Claudia Winkleman.

Other than running his own handbag label, Tinky Winky is also a panelist on Rupaul’s Drag Race UK and is known for his sassy comments to contestants.

He, Po and Laa Law still remain friends and regularly meet for hot girl walks.

What is happening to Dipsy in 2022?

Dipsy was always known for being jolly on the show - as well as being stubborn, sarcastic and contemptuous.

He would sometimes be a little bit naughty and refuse to go along with the other Teletubbies’ group opinion - which is how he started to build his can-do, rebellious attitude which in turn would influence his career.

Dipsy finally got his big break into the fashion industry, designing head wear. No, his signature design is not a cow printed hat - he is in fact embarrassed by this past fashion faux pas. This Tubby’s designs are more suited to streetwear lovers, manufacturing caps and bucket hats inspired by street dance style.

His head wear business ties into what he loves doing in his spare time: which is taking part in a dance crew.

The crew all appear to rep his brand whilst taking part in dance competitions, and sometimes when Dipsy is feeling brave he ad libs and beatboxes, too.

What is happening to Laa Laa in 2022?

Laa Laa was always obsessed with singing, dancing and doing ballet in a skirt - making her both active as well as focused on vanity.

This love has translated into a career and a side hustle - what a busy gal!

She now is a part time freelance makeup artist and stylist, sometimes even bagging celebrity clients like Gemma Collins. Laa Laa’s side hustle uses her cheerfulness to be a fit influencer and motivation coach, often using a giant orange exercise ball with her clients.

People love her as an influencer because she’s so silly, cute and full of happiness! We love a positive public figure.

Since she was always looking out for other Teletubbies on the show, our gal Laa Laa is still very close friends with them!

What is happening to Po in 2022?

Last but not least, Po! The smallest and youngest Teletubby, who always wanted attention and was very smart.

A lesser known fact about Po is that her name means ‘wave’ in Cantonese, and she can speak Cantonese as well as English! Due to being bilingual, she decided to move to China to start her career.

These days, she spends her time running a vegan pancake shop which is very successful and has scooters instead of chairs. Their star dish is a pancake with a smiley face, topped with mystery pink sauce which looks suspiciously similar to Tubby Toast and Tubby custard. 

Despite being so happy and triumphant, Po sometimes faces loneliness since she is in another country to the other Teletubbies, however they regularly communicate via Snapchat.

What is happening to Noo Noo in 2022?

The Teletubbies two-in-one pet and house keeper during the show was famous for making sucking and slurping noises instead of actually speaking.

Back in the day, Noo Noo would sometimes get too excited and suck up the Teletubbies’ food and favourite things - when he would be called Naughty Noo Noo! He now no longer misbehaves since he is more mature, which is why he didn’t mind us naming a shoe after his long gone naughty antics

These days Noo Noo volunteers as a hoover in children’s schools - which not only saves the cleaners time every morning but also gives the children moral support during the day. How wholesome!

*literally none of this information is accurate so do not make the mistake of thinking this is fact. Remember 1.) We are Koi Footwear and we chat absolute balls, and 2.) Teletubbies are in fact characters and not really people.

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