Talia Mar x Koi Footwear Get The Scoop

Talia Marr x Koi Footwear has just landed and you can shop the out of this world collection right here. 

February 4th, 2022 | Kev

Featuring four unique styles including two boots and two trainers. The styles were designed by Talia and she took inspiration from her own music and lyrics making this collaboration truly special. 

Let’s get to know our golden girl a little better. She is a Youtube personality turned Twitch gamer and now a singer songwriter. She really has taken the world by storm with her latest album Jack. 

Tough Decisions

This chunky trainer was inspired by one of Talia’s fave colour combos (cream and blue) and took inspiration from her music at the time she had blue hair the album Tough Decision. 

The Voices Are Me

Lots of people have black combat boots and Talia loves a nude moment so we decided on a cream/beige biker boot style and we are obsessed! 

In The Day

A spin on a classic white go go boot, the stitched star and moon patter are a tribute to her song ‘In The Day.’ This mega heeled boot is the style you need for your Christmas party.  And the heel is 4 inches this provides a good bit of height but they are still ultra comfy and you'll still be able to run to get that last train home bestie. 


This unreal trainer has a chunky sole making them a really comfy day to day shoe and prefect for the Christmas markets! And the cream and pink colour moment is dreamy! 

We wanted to make this collaboration really special for Talia and her fans so the first 100 orders of each style will receive an exclusive limited edition UFO keyring . With a little bit of magic. If you shine a light through the keyring onto a wall Talia’s song lyrics will shine through. This was a very important detail to our collaboration we wanted to offer something really unique for her community.

Are you ready for takeoff martians? Shop the collection here!

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