Shoes you need this autumn: it's switching up, baby!

The arrival of fall may throw you into a pit of despair when you come to the realisation that times of leaving the house without a jacket are gone (until SS23). But this autumnal cloud has a lining: new shoes! If there’s ever an excuse for new shoes, it’s now. So if you’re feeling what I’m feeling, then here’s a helping hand on what your next shoe investment can be. Whether you’re into lace up shoes, chunky thigh high boots or ballet-inspired Mary Janes, Koi has got you covered.

October 6th, 2022 | Abby Brooks

The ballet trend is continuing this season! With hyper-masculine silhouettes, oversized garments and unisex streetwear making up a huge chunk of fashion over the past couple of years, it was only a matter of time before certain people began to reject it - and we’re not mad at it. Mary Jane shoes and cute pumps are a gateway to the ballerina aesthetic. A soft and beautiful trend - pair these ladies shoes with lace tights or fishnets for a punkier take. Seen on fashion week runways from Christian Dior, Maison Margiela, Chanel and Tods, this style is here to stay!

I am also obsessed with the amount of black and plus sized representation (shoutout to @moeblackx and @chazlyn.yvonne) of this look over on TikTok in response to ballet being a traditionally white and thin sport! A ballerina ‘should’ not look like anything <3

Koi’s answer to balletcore is chunky Mary Janes and platform pumps! Since we are officially known as the connoisseurs of MJ’s it would be rude not to come to us for your fix. The beauty of these is the contrast between the delicate femininity and the chunky sole, adding a harder twist to help make it your own into fall.


Thigh high boots keep you warm and sexy: it’s a fact. A win-win situation really. They feel like a second skin - and are cool because they blur the lines between shoes and trousers; NO ONE will be able to tell that you’re wearing no pants. We’ve seen them all over the runway from Sportmax to Roberto Cavalli to Diesel to Fendi in cool colours and textures!

This style of women shoes is an attention grabber - but it’s genuinely versatile. Best worn in cooler seasons, we can see these chunky boots styled into some super scary Halloween outfits, transitioning into party season…and who wouldn’t want to be the hottest person at the work Christmas ‘do?

Faux leather and PVC textures have been taking over the (internet) world ATM - seen on fashion pioneers like Julia Fox - and despite this trend being nothing new, wearing these materials in the form of statement pieces like thigh high boots and maxi trench coats take it to another level for AW23. Style your thigh highs with dark pieces and blacked out sunglasses for off-duty Bella Hadid meets Berghain-goer.


So: Tumblrcore, preppy, smart, indie sleaze, soft grunge…whatever you wanna call it - if any of these sound like your vibe, it may be time for some chunky black loafers, chunky boots or lace up shoes. Modern but simple and timeless, this classic style of chunky shoe isn’t difficult to style.

Its time to channel your inner Sky Ferreira and Alexa Chung! Let’s set the scene: it’s the 2010s, American Apparel is at its peak, Tumblr is your main form of social media, your favourite show is Skins, and colour only exists to you in the form of a blue oversized denim jacket. You exclusively listen to The 1975, The Neighborhood, Marina And The Diamonds and Lana Del Rey.

Despite this style currently having a huge revival, gaining traction on TikTok amongst people Gen Z and younger who have recently discovered the aesthetic, it’s all-round pretty timeless. Black shoes, tights, black skirts, turtlenecks, jeans, shirts and denim jackets are all basic items - which makes the look both achievable and versatile for most. Also seen on the runway at Ferrari SS23!


The western trend is still alive and kicking in its cowboy boots!

Although these bad boys were arguably one of the shoes of festival season, from a practical point of view, western boots are definitely better suited for cooler (and less sweaty) seasons. But, who cares about practicality when it comes to sexy shoes? That was just my excuse to prolong this chunky boot trend for even longer.

Vogue said that cowboy boots would be in every festival field and park this summer, but we have recently seen more funky designs of this shoe on the fashion week catwalks from designers like Molly Goddard, where the show offered a new way to wear them, as well as Dion Lee. This was our confirmation that it’s only gonna get more prevalent over the next year, but instead paired with autumnal layering and unexpected combinations like trousers under dresses. The beauty about these boots is that they can be dressed up and down so they can take you from your afternoon coffee walk, to thrift shopping and then evening drinks. And, they’ve been seen on FKA Twigs and Dua Lipa - and who could forget our gal Miley Cyrus? So of course we now all need them too. 


Mules and clogs are a slightly unexpected shoe trend for this fall but we’re living for it, although less surprising when thinking about the number of crocs and sliders all over people’s feet this summer. In that case, convenient styles were bound to become more of a thing.

With a shift towards comfortable and slip-on shoe styles, and a traditionally more water-resistant material on clog styles, these will have you sorted for minor fall showers. Pair this unconventional footwear with chunky socks and long skirts for transitional styling. Comfort is key apparently. ’Tis the season of clogs and mules, baby!


Platform heels are a need for drinks and fancy dinners this fall. No explanation needed. 


Brighten up your fall wardrobe! Cream knee high boots are easy to style, achieve maximum results with minimum effort and overall look amazing.

Thanks for catching up on my take of fall shoe trends! Keep your eye out for more juicy Koi style, trend and subculture content from yours truly.
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