Pete Davidson is the 2022 style icon we didn't know we needed

Pete Davidson’s impressive dating history isn’t the only reason to be jealous of him - he also has a rather elite street style, somewhat of an underdog in fashion.

November 16th, 2022 | Abby Brooks

I’m sure many fashion critics may not agree with this title but I personally have grown fond of his so called “scum bro” looks. It’s also his birthday today, and it appears that his birthday present has come in the form of Emily Ratajkowski. Lucky guy. Davidson seems to have a winning streak - dating a (very) long list of enviously stunning ladies, ranging from singer Ariana Grande, to model Kaia Gerber and even THE Kim Kardashian.

Many on social media are asking the question “how does he do this?”, but of course he is the very much hyped ‘dead boy’ archetype, and a 6 foot 3 comedian - moral of the story is funny guys always win. Anyway time for the outfits.

Flower boy

Pete is the king of a relaxed look. Here his ‘fit is nothing short of kidcore nostalgia - with the graphic flowers on his pants, cartoon cat on the t-shirt and DIY-looking necklaces; a bit of a 90s-meets-Y2K moment. He completes this comfortable ensemble with white trainers and a crocheted cardigan, and not gonna lie I will be needing this entire outfit for fall.

Instagram explore page

In an oversized grey and black panelled North Face fleece, green Dickies workwear trousers, Reebok Club C trainers and a cap, here Pete perfects the chill travel vibe whilst flexing some big workwear and sport brands. Nothing short of a streetwear look straight out of the Instagram explore page. However, minus points for the Alexander W*ng t-shirt. I also think the trousers should be few sizes bigger.

Orthopaedic chic

Here Davidson takes the dad trend to another level - taking it from from dad to…grandad. What I love about this outfit as that there are no visible brand names - so it could be easily replicated by shopping around in your local British Heart Foundation and Barnardo’s. A suSLAYnable outfit if you will. These trainers are slightly offensive to the eye, but aren’t the coolest shoes just that? A velcro moment! Outfits that make you question your taste are sometimes the best kind.

Children’s PJs

What I find impressive about this outfit, is that Pete here makes a pair of Bape joggers look like kid’s pyjamas. I’m not mad at it though, comfort is key

Sk8er boi

Back again with the Bape pants - the circa-2017 skater look has been perfected here, reminiscent of the boys me and my friends would watch in the skate park as a young (tragic) teen. Oversized Thrasher t-shirt, baggy shorts, Nike socks pulled up as high as possible and then finished off with a cap. The tattoos really pull this one together. Slayyy.

Oooh, he dressin’

Pete dons a more mature look here - not a jersey item of clothing in sight. He wears what appear to be khaki Stone Island tracksuit bottoms that I would like to borrow (steal) with a brown leather jacket (vegan I hope) and finishes it off with good old white Converse. King of the autumn colour palette.

He doesn't quite always get it, though.

Amongst Pete's good outfits were a number of borderline offensive, skinny pants-ridden looks, but then again if he always slayed then he would be too powerful. 10/10 for effort.

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