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This week we’re spotlighting Koi Footwear’s best-selling vegan shoes - we have a range of men’s and women’s so there’s stuff for the guys and the gals. You know us - our shoes can be styled in so many ways and transcend from season to season. Check out our top picks!

June 23rd, 2022 | Kev

We’ve got a cool choice of men’s shoes for a multitude of styles, and we are constantly expanding the range so there’s more choice for the guys.

Muted Shadow Men’s

These black chunky boots are an absolute classic wardrobe staple in any goth’s wardrobe…or anyone’s wardrobe really. They can fit into any style - can be dressed up, dressed down, they can protect your feet in winter but are also ideal for festivals! Black vegan leather ankle boots with a chunky sole - who wouldn’t want these?

Gimli Men’s

These are similar to Muted Shadow, but Gimli has a high-fashion twist to make more of a statement. These lace up chunky goth boots are real stompers, and have a square toe for added boldness and a 2 inch sole for extra height. Coming in all black vegan leather, they are inspired by Gimli - the legend defined by a serious and superstitious nature and a broad bladed axe…

Retrograde Rebel Men’s

We will NEVER fail you when it comes down to the details. These platform shoes come in all black vegan leather with a mass spectrum of extras - studded, chains, Velcro strap, heel strap with eyelets, lace up features…and of course, a 2 inch platform to make sure you can really stomp. Punk vibes only: these bad boys are also available in women’s, why not try ‘em?

Giver of Freedom Men’s

Here we have another black vegan leather boot but different to the rest. Undeniably a versatile wardrobe classic, these pull on Chelsea boots feature a 2 inch heel to get you ready for any occasion. Whether you’re going smart, dressy or punk - Koi’s best-selling chunky boots for men will make sure you’re comfortable all day long. Chelsea boots never looked so good, and even better - these last through all seasons and protect you from wet weather. Looks great paired with a smart ‘fit or with a more chilled vibe at a festival.


Borin is anything but boring. These may be Koi Footwear’s boldest men’s boots yet, and they really embody the “go hard or go home” attitude. The ultimate rebellious goth shoe - the elements all create the perfect concoction that just makes sense. Vegan black leather with an abundance of silver metallic details: these details include buckles, straps, chains and hardware on the toes and soles. These biker boots are not for the faint hearted - and they can act as a statement on their own with a plain outfit, or you can go all-out and pair it with some faux leather pieces…Also in women’s!


The corrupter gives off all kinds of auras. An amalgamation of smart, punk, preppy and goth elements, these lace up chunky shoes come in all-black vegan leather. Sometimes it only takes a few tweaks to turn a classic into something amazing - the square toe adds a twist, taking smart casual to a whole new level!


Women’s best sellers have everything from cute pink strawberry boots to the punkiest stompers you’ve ever seen.

Retrograde Rebel

Yeah we told you - Retrograde Rebel is for the ladies, too. These are for the goths and the punks, and anyone who isn’t afraid to be rebellious. It’s time to rebel - so get inspired and live a little. These can see you from winter to summer - from layered, all-black fits to black denim shorts and sunglasses. Chunky shoes are ALWAYS a fail-safe plan.


These ultimate stomper boots are a heavyweight that you wouldn’t wanna mess with. The solid rubber sole provides a sturdy base, and they have a sleek shiny faux leather upper with accents of silver hardware on the toe cap and sole - and don’t forget the chains and studs. These are a festival must, to make sure you can see ahead of the crowds and avoid your toes being trampled on. Contrast them with a floaty dress or go hard with a leather jacket (vegan of course).

Strawberry Shortcake

These cuties are Koi Footwear’s very best pink vegan leather chunky combat boots. They have a platform, lace up and are good enough to eat…Strawberry is the beloved food of goddesses like Venus Aphrodite and now you! In the perfect shade of sweet pink to wear all through summer, why not get fruity and pair them with a pink or red dress so you’re the main character? If you’re not feeling as adventurous, blue jeans and a white cami would go perfectly for tinnies in the park.

Terror of Monakuma

Making a dark, gothic statement can be functional AND comfy. These chunky trainers can be dressed up and dressed down to explore a multitude of vibes. Is there a single outfit that doesn’t match platform black vegan leather trainers? We don’t think so - pair these with a gothic mini dress or a Named Collective tracksuit. Complete with red thread, a Velcro strap and an embroidered bear, there are plenty of details to make sure they’re a conversation starter.

Chronicles Vilun Platform Trainers

Back to (kind of) basics. Every wardrobe needs the perfect all black trainers. Why not go all out and try these mega chunky platform sneakers? They have cushioned comfort from the soft vegan leather to keep you comfy and protected all day long, even in the summer showers. They are super versatile but we recommend to pair these with some Y2K-inspired pieces like mini-skirts and crop tops. We can also see these being styled with many gothic looks…

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