How to style our Core range and make it your own

Versatile and simple never needs to = boring. You can always add your own flair and make your vegan shoes your own with layering, accessorising, makeup and pops of colour. Having a few pairs of high quality basic shoes in your wardrobe is a good way to always have something to wear. We all have that one favourite silhouette that we want to wear all the time, mine being chunky platform trainers, so who says you can’t?

November 4th, 2022 | Abby Brooks
We all have that one favourite silhouette that we want to wear all the time, and who says you can’t? Here's how to make shoes from our Core range your own.
Buttercream Mary Janes

Cream-coloured Mary Janes are a beautiful piece for your wardrobe - an equally versatile alternative to black Mary Janes with the ability to be dressed up or down. This being said, they could easily get lost in a busy outfit, or could also look too plain if styled with certain basics.

This Koi gal @binxxieee creates the perfect balance with her sultry monochrome ‘fit, with a vibe that I would call Victorian lingerie meets ballet dancer. Her Mary Jane shoes are from the Koi Core line, and she’s made them her own by styling with a black tube top, lacy underwear and thigh high bow socks - sexy but cute party girl vibes. If you wanted to translate this into an outdoor outfit, style with a black mini skirt and cropped faux fur coat for a classic but modern aesthetic. Mary Janes and cute socks is a combination that never goes a miss!

Classic black lace ups

Styling basic black shoes is a great way to put your own personal spin on a versatile & wearable piece. When initially thinking of black chunky shoes, I see a preppy vibe - but @bisoulu proves that it doesn’t have to be this way! Her style here seems to be a crossover of Y2K e-girl with a vintage vibe: wearing her black lace ups with a buckle belted micro mini denim skirt and a black tube top with lettered print. Since winter is coming, you could transcend this ‘fit into the colder season by layering with patterned tights and a distressed knit jumper to keep warm but still show your personality.

Humble black loafers

Watch out Blair Waldorf there’s a new IT girl in town! Black loafers are an integral piece for anyone who has a preppy, classic or academia-inspired style. Wearing them with an all-black outfit is an effortless way to look put together, but the gorgeously vintage @ca.elv shows us how to style them in an exciting way whilst still showing the shoes off! She creates the perfect monochrome balance, alternating black and white pieces, and giving us elite autumn layering inspiration. One way to give your monochrome outfit some extra spice is to add pattern - and here you can see houndstooth has been incorporated in the tights and the sweater vest. So cute! This pattern could be anything from leopard print to pinstripe - so grab your favourite prints and have some fun with your ‘fits. 

Punky black boots

We all know and love our trusty Borin boots - however upon first glance you might think they are difficult to style, or that they are only for people with a super alternative aesthetic. Think again! These bad boys can pretty much be styled into any wardrobe.

This photo is a prime example of a Koi gal making the shoes her own. @Fayepmills’ amazing style mostly uses classic colour palettes: monochrome, neutrals…and she also loves to be on-trend - adding glamour with immaculate makeup and accessories. IT girl vibes! She wears all-black with these punky boots to let the shoes do the talking, and the silver details on her bag and leather jacket tie it all together. The outfit has really been made her own by sticking to one colour and keeping her glamour in the hair, makeup and accessories! If you’re more punky, you could add more hardware or heavy makeup to this exact ‘fit!

Black thigh highs

If you like to look iconic at all times, then black thigh highs are your new best friend. They can, however, be quite intimidating if you haven’t styled them before. Once you get to grips with them though, you’ll never want to take them off. @thekoistorm shows her sexy-with-a-hint-of-goth style by wearing her black vegan leather high highs with a black skirt, crop top and trench coat. She really shows her personal style with DIY elements - making her own mesh sleeves out of a pair of tights and adding safety pins onto the skirt. This gives the classic outfit a punky twist! Getting creative and DIY is ideal if you never want to show up in the same outfit as someone else…it’s also fun, and sustainable! Why not try making your own mesh sleeves with coloured tights?

Black Mary Janes

Although I’ve given tips on styling Mary Janes previously, I couldn’t have missed them out here. I struggled to choose just one look though! @sashalilliee⁠ wears her faux suede black Mary Janes with white socks (a personal favourite way to wear MJs), a mini skirt and then a black and white distressed jumper. She also layers an olive-coloured vintage leather blazer - which is such a cute way to add colour to an autumn outfit. Similarly, @yourgirl.joan adds colour to her black outfit with a burnt orange blazer and co-ordinates it with her lipstick.

If you’re just as obsessed with these autumnal ‘fits and you’re in a cosy mood then check out our take on autumn shoe trends!

Curating a personal style

Combining on-trend items, curated vintage or second hand pieces, and DIY elements can be the perfect formula to ensuring you have a unique personal style without getting bored of it! Look in unexpected places for your next clothing or accessory purchase. Flea market? Facebook marketplace? A swap shop? Vintage kilo store? Your dad’s wardrobe? You don’t want too many basics, but you also don’t want your wardrobe to be overruled by statement pieces, so try to create an all-round balance. 

And most importantly - have fun with your style! Thanks for reading <3

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