HOW TO Make Your Own KOI Batwings

🦇 Wanna make your own CUSTOMISED bat wings? 🦇

Our Attachable Batwings are made from the spare faux leather cuttings produced during the manufacturing of our shoes! Because we think it's cool to save the world 😎

July 23rd, 0220 | Kev
But now you can make your own at home with our easy #HowTo video!

All you need is:

  • Scissors ✂️

  • Super Glue 

  • Fabric or Material (even bottle caps 👀)

  • Cardboard 📦

First of all, print out this batwing template!
(Right-click the wings, save the image to your computer and print 🖨)

The next step is to:

  • Cut out the batwings template

  • Cut out the same template onto some cardboard

  • Decorate the cardboard with fabric, bottle caps, chains or whatever you have lying around

  • Attach to a backpack, tote or wear on your Koi Kicks!

Our creative, Bethan, shows you how easy it is to get creative at home with legit ANYTHING you can find in your house 😜

Watch our #HowTo Video down below!

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