How to have the most iconic prom after party!

Prom night is approaching, and gorgeous, gorgeous girls want to have the most iconic after party - especially if being Prom Queen isn’t your thing. Dance, dance baby it’s time to party! Make like High School Musical ‘cause it’s a night to remember. For the prom itself, the 2022 vibe is elegant and preppy. We recommend all things cute and pastel to give you a real stand-our factor.

May 20th, 2022 | Abby Brooks
'Fit check

Whether you wear a dress, power suit, jumpsuit or mini skirt, we know you’ll be the star of the show no matter what. Feeling stuck about what to wear? Don’t worry b, our After Prom Collection’s got you covered - and you’re invited to our party. The real fun happens at after prom, where you can let your hair down and go wild. Playful, relaxed and carefree is the way to be. It doesn’t matter what you wear at after prom, but make sure it’s comfortable… and iconic

I have nothing to wear!

If you want to go down the Y2K avenue, our Sugar Paws Fluffy Blue Platform Thong Sandals are the vibe. These will make you look so hot and carefree when you’re dancing like a lil’ Bratz doll, for sure. Paris Hilton would approve. Another potential aesthetic is the summer vibe. If you love your whites and pastels, and getting your toes out, we think the Lilac Croc Chunky Sandals or the White or Pink Marshmallow Fluff Sliders would look super cute and chill. Dance the night away queen, your comfort levels will be through the roof in these sandals and you’ll be able to out-dance all the boys.

Feeling sweet? If you’re a pink kinda gal our Candy Gardens Pastel Chunky Shoes would go down a treat. They have a little heel, too, so you can still party whilst being comfortable. If you’re not feeling as sweet, and wanna go for the all-white clean girl aesthetic, the Clear Skies Icy White Sandals would be perfect as they have a little heel on them, too. If all this pastel and light colour is too much for you and you’re a classic all-black gothy kinda person, we have got news for you. The Kumari Icy Mary Janes are in black vegan leather, and also have a jelly sole for a Y2K throwback. 


You’ll need to pack some essentials so that you’re ready to party. Our list of essentials includes: phone (of course - to take Insta content all night), hand mirror (to check we still look 10/10), lipgloss (obviously), emergency money, sanitary products, chewing gum (for if you end up getting a prom night kiss ;P) and beanz (no reason needed).

If that list is too basic for you, Emma Watson apparently keeps Nutella in her bag, and Tyra Banks carries sesame seeds and salt in a plastic bag, but we don’t recommend carrying a small plastic bag with unidentifiable contents. However, we can get behind Laverne Cox, who carries hummus in her purse. You never know when you might need a vegan snack mid party. Wear a bag you can fit a few things in…our Pink Cloud Flutters Faux Fur Bag is ideal to fit multiple pots of hummus; and our Banshee Boots have a small pouch on the side to fit something smaller. What a life hack! We love multifunctional fashion.

Party theme

Everyone’s different, so what you get up to at the after party will depend on how wild you’re feeling. Our favourite after-party themes are:

1.) A dance party, we suggest going old-school and playing Just Dance

2.) A pizza party, preferably with vegan options for us please

3.) A cocktail party with each person making their own creations and rating them at the end

4.) A Kardashian themed party, where everyone has to communicate solely with KUWTK quotes

5.) Kev-themed party: this is a party theme that is not for the light-hearted and could not be summarised by a series of images of words - and instead, you would have to immerse yourself into it with open arms and an open mind, that is, if Kev is kind enough to join you in the third dimension.


1.) Prom Night / Rebecca Black

2.) Beg For You / Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama

3.) I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE / Maneskin

4.) A Night To Remember / High School Musical

5.) Hey Ya / Outkast

6.) Charmander / Amine

7.) Chelsea Smile / Bring Me The Horizon

8.) Backstabber / Kesha

9.) In Da Club Before Eleven O’Clock / DJ Rashad

10.) Hell N Back / Bakar

11.) COLD BLOOD / Health

12.) Oblivion / Grimes

13.) Shout Out To My Ex / Little Mix

14.) Keep It Burnin / Future and Drake

Happy partying everyone! We hope this inspired you to have an iconic after prom.

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