How to get the Barbiecore look: rating Koi's Barbie 'fits

Our customers love pink (as they should), and so do we. In spirit of the imminent Barbie movie, I decided I would delve into some of our favourite sickly sweet all-pink ‘fits, worn by you. I initially thought this would get me excited for the new film, but it’s mostly giving me major wardrobe envy so now I need (want) to go out and buy some new clothes so that I can join in.

August 26th, 2022 | Abby Brooks

We’ve seen a recent rise of celebrities sporting pink looks including Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly and Florence Pugh : Barbie, bimbo, Y2K, girly…call it what you will, but one thing that’s certain is that this has been massively influenced by the Barbie movie. The beautiful thing about this trend is that anybody can join in. For example, you could wear a fuchsia power suit to really sink your teeth in, or combine dusty pink with white pieces for a more cutesy look.

Pink = serotonin

So whether you’re into dressing up, chilling out in streetwear or delving into your favourite subculture, grab your closest rose-toned garments and get styling. We recommend pairing your pinkness with some hot vegan footwear from yours truly unbiased.

Boujee Barbie

Wearing all-pink is a power move - and this is photographic proof. Here @radasfvck wears the Yami Pastel Pink Platform Boots because Barbie doesn’t always want to wear heels. Co-ordinating the pastel vegan leather boots with a mini Telfar bag and many amounts of accessories, the look is tied together by the hot pink on her Marc Jacobs two-piece. It’s common knowledge that sunglasses always make things better, this look is more boujee than I could ever be in my life. I highly aspire to be like this one day.


11/10 - This is probably the most amount go pink you could possibly fit into an outfit and we highly admire it.

Pastel princess Barbie

Isn’t she the sweetest! For those of you who don’t know - @sophia_hardy recently collaborated with us on her ‘Pastel Princess’ collection, and this look fits that name perfectly. Barbie looks don’t have to be all-pink, here Sophia wears our Kawaii Princess Platform Heels, which come in pastel blue and bubblegum pink. She continues this colour scheme throughout her outfit (and hair!!!) and I am obsessed. Like a lil’ princess Barbie doll. 

12/10 - Edgy princess Barbie vibes. Groundbreaking. Also didn’t realise I needed white tights until now.

Sexy Barbie

If Barbie existed in 2022, this is exactly how we imagine her. @soursummer channels her inner sexy Barbie and combines some saucy textures in her outfit - wearing a pink mesh bralet, black satin mini skirt and our vegan leather Redemption Pink Stretch Thigh High Boots to create this glam ‘fit. Breaking up the baby pink with a black skirt makes this look super wearable and I’m jealous! Move over Margot Robbie, she’s after your job.

100/10 - I need this outfit for my next night out. Ahh if only I could walk in heels.

Thrifted glam Barbie takes Barbie to another level in this fully thrifted outfit (except the Koi’s of course). Sustainable Barbie it is! This glam vintage look is to die for - pairing a rose pink satin slip dress with our Tira Classic Mary Janes 'Patent Edition'. The accessories take it to another level, with a baroque-inspired handbag, pastel pink bow socks, Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace and oversized sunglasses. This is what I imagine the outfits to be like on Emily in Paris (if they were actually good).

10/10 - We are stunned by how this outfit looks both nostalgic and modern! OMW to the thrift shop now.

Y2K Barbie

I obviously couldn’t have this list without a Y2K shout-out. Arguably the signature IT brand of the 2000s, Juicy Couture matches Barbie’s vibe to a T. Despite wearing this almost off-duty baby pink diamond all-in-one, @todorovvictoria pairs it with statement sunglasses, a cropped pastel denim jacket and our Delights White Sugar Mules to elevate the ‘fit into a transitional day-to-night vibe. She is the moment, although I couldn’t trust myself in this colour.

10/10 - No words needed, this gal is a real-life Barbie and I’m here for it.

Alt Barbie

I didn’t know Barbie could look alternative (until now). @ana_cuculic nods at kawaii and goth subcultures whilst keeping that inherent signature Barbie glam. She wears super sweet elements, like a pink strawberry tennis skirt and our Tira Mary Janes Wild Purple Edition, but adds a dark edge with her pleather studded harness garter and cuteness with her fluffy cat ears and anime print cami top.

11/10 - bonus point for matching the outfit to her bedroom. Also can I have that chair for the office please?

Did you really think I would rate anyone in Koi below a 10/10? Moral of the story: if you’re ever feeling sad, a.) wear pink and b.) wear Koi. Go hard or go home: the pinker the better. Being plastic maybe is fantastic.

Hi, I'm Koi's Content and Marketing Assistant. I'm addicted to pop culture, music and finding out what the next trend is going to be; other than this, I'm always on the look out for vegan news. If this sounds like a bit of you, keep an eye out for my blogs as I'll also be covering exclusive behind the scenes content, all whilst adding that spicy Koi flavour.