How Not To Cook And Eat Your Pizza

We like to think everyone knows how to cook a veggie pizza… right? So, we have decided to remind you exactly how not to cook and eat your pizza, just in case you forgot! 

March 24th, 2021 | Kev
Starfish your tomato sauce onto your pizza.

Things will get messy, quickly! 

What hellspaw did this!?

And are they okay? 

Not using a pizza pan or baking tray.

I mean this is a whole mood. 

Let your cat be involved in the preparation of the delicious pizza.

Her expression says it all really. 

Cook your precious vegan pizza in the pool.

Well, at least it will be moist! 

Throw your pizza from the roof.

Hearts will be broken if you don’t catch it!

Eat the toppings first!

Mate! Just no. 

We hope this list made you feel all kinds of weird. And just to be clear this is how you should be cooking and eating your pizza:

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