Halloween 'fit inspo with Koi

“What do I go as for Halloween?” - a question I’ve asked myself many times this month (and last month, and the month before). I do this to myself every year: I say “this year, I’ll properly plan my Halloween outfit so I’m not running around last minute again and end up hating it”. Contrary to this statement, I do not carefully curate and source an amazing outfit - I in fact do it last minute, obviously. If this is relatable to you, then say no more.

October 21st, 2022 | Abby Brooks

Here are your Halloween outfit ideas courtesy of Koi - with little effort needed. Hint: block colouring is your new best friend, and you don’t need to buy a full new outfit (it’s hot to try and make sustainable choices in 2022).

“Idk what to go as but I have some black and orange in my wardrobe”

The humble pumpkin: the spookiest fruit of them all. This may normally be the outfit choice of a toddler or pet, but that is certainly not the limit. You can put your own spin on this Halloween outfit idea - it’s likely that you already have some black and orange pieces in your wardrobe, so the only purchase you may need to make is some Sai Mary Janes 'Pumpkin Poison Edition', courtesy of us, duh. However, absolutely no one is stopping you from going all-out in a full blown pumpkin costume or painting yourself to look like one - so if you’re sensing some main character energy then please pursue it (and tag us in the photos please and thank you).

“All black is the most flattering on meee!”

Sorry arachnaphobes, this may not be the best costume for you. This is again am easy and simple, yet effective, way to get in the spirit: why not go as a spider? These little critters may be terrifying to many, but who says you can’t be a sexy spider? You will definitely be curing people’s phobias if you get what I’m saying. A black top and skirt, lacy tights and spider web eye makeup - and you’re sorted. But what about the shoes? Our brand spanking new Sai Mary Janes ' A Spider's Choice Edition' have inch wincy legs on the front of them to show your arachnid tendencies. Creepy crawlies have never looked so good!

“Black and purple is my fave”

You may not want to dress up as a fruit or an insect this year, which is understandable, so our next suggestions is Ursula from The Little Mermaid. This baddie wears nothing more than a simple black dress, blue eyeshadow and red lipstick; which isn’t necessarily far from many people’s standard night out outfits (aside from the questionable makeup colour combination). Maybe throw in some purple tentacles if you have any lying around your house of course, or alternatively wear some Bitter Mauve Platform Heels or Corral Deep Purple Military Lace Up Boots to show your affinity to this iconic sea witch!

“Or all purple ;)”

If purple is 100% your colour, I have a real treat for you. We all know and love him (or hate him depending on what you deem as scary) - it’s Barney The Dinosaur! This is all about block colouring, which is always in. Just don’t forget to paint your stomach green and get your Corral Deep Purple Military Lace Up Boots on. If you worry that it isn’t too obvious that you are Barney The Dinosaur, I recommend playing the theme song on a constant loop so nobody can forget. Ugh, I am such a genius.

“Green is all I need in life”

A green colour palette opens up a whoooole lot of Halloween costume possibilities. I mean, how many green characters can you think of right now, off the top of your head? Shrek, Fiona, The Hulk, the Green Giant man, Kermit, Yoda, Mike Wazowski…oh and Tinkerbell! This may not be inspiring you right now but I suggest that you consider going as the sexy (Shrexy) version of one of these characters. I bet you’ve got some green pieces in your wardrobe - and we’ve got some Teal Eyes Platform Heels and Corral Teal Military Lace Up Boots that would go perfectly. This Halloween is about to become Hallowgreen.

“I wanna be a Disney character”

A very cute idea is Jasmine! This girl is a big fat SLAY - if teal and turquoise are your colour then what are you waiting for? Unfortunately I don’t know how much you can DIY this entire outfit but that’s just more of a fun challenge. Accessorise your fresh-outta-Aladdin ‘fit with Corral Teal Military Lace Up Boots and many amounts of gold jewellery because Jasmine is a glamorous girl that won’t settle for less. I truly believe you can do it better than Kim K - but maybe you can still find your Pete Davidson. Note: please be culturally sensitive if you choose to dress as Jasmine!

“I am a witchy celestial goddess”

Witchy gals this one goes out to you you. If you own any: corsets, mesh, batwing sleeves, frilly skirts, ribbons, stars, thigh highs…then you can DIY this outfit at home! All black looks fab but adding a deep purple, blue or teal will elevate this to another level - and so will some embroidered celestial platform boots to complete the look! This outfit can be as sexy or as modest as you are comfortable with, and will look stunning no matter what. The perfect celstial witchy shoes are our Dreams Of Mooncraft Purple Heeled Boots and Dreams Of Mooncraft Teal Heeled Boots. If you don’t have a broomstick on hand the kitchen sweeping brush will do, no one will be looking at it anyway!

“I should’ve been born a Cullen”

There’s nothing more endearing than a vampire this time of year, and best of all - you can replicate a vampiric look from pieces already in your wardrobe. Anything with a dark, alternative or gothic element is perfect (vampire and goth aesthetics have a big crossover!) - black and red is my personal favourite colour scheme for this idea. You can take it in a more modest direction with a long black trench and trousers in Dracula style. But if not, whip out a mini dress and fishnets. The only thing that’s mandatory is fangs (like on our Volkihar's Bite Stomper Boots) and blood, that you’ve just drank, obv.

You knew we couldn’t go without mentioning these - our stretch boots are the PERFECT Halloween shoe. There’s 104738 costume ideas for all three colour ways of our stretch boots, but my favourite idea has to be Patrick Star (you know exactly what I’m talking about) and the The Redemption Black Patent Stretch Thigh High Boots are just what that 'fit needs. Happy Halloween Koi gang we know it’s gonna be a good one.

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