Flaunt Your Haunt, Vegan Halloween Makeup Inspo

Are you going glam or gruesome this year? We have all the makeup inspo you need to make this a Halloween to remember! If you are having more of a Hitchcock heroin or a classic Sandy Olsson from Greece moment, we have all the makeup looks to get you into the spooky spirit! 

October 25th, 2021 | Kev

Miss Deville had to make an appearance this year, and Laura Gilbert did an amazing job bringing this heretic to life with very in-expensive makeup products. We love to see an affordable queen. 

No idea what to actually dress up as this year? Same! Leah Halton has you sorted with her appropriately named 'Bitch I'm A Cow' Halloween makeup tutorial! This makeup look will look amoooozing with our Cow Print Mary Janes that have just come back in stock or our Daisy Cow Print Boots, they are a moooood. 

Transform into something truly terrifying with this Other Mother makeup tutorial from Eeriebxby. Coraline scared me for life and gave me an irrational fear of buttons! This spooky look is an easy one because you probably have most of the items laying around your house already! 

Get gruesome and follow this SFX makeup tutorial from Karolina Maria. This special effects makeup is perfect for anyone who does not want to run out and dress us as a pumpkin. Put those makeup skills to work and freak your friends our with this scary transformation. 

Smiling like the Cheshire Cat! Did anyone else think the cat in Cinderella was 1000% scarier than the evil stepmother! That smile always creeps me out. Making this Halloween makeup tutorial from Amanda Ensing the most chilling look. 

And because we don’t all want to be spooky some of us just wanna go glam (I am exposing myself here) you can go as a queen by following Siobhan Awad Cleopatra makeup tutorial.

The goddess has arrived! 

And finally, make no mistake Hisoka Hunter is no entry level anime villain and is the perfect halloween heroine. Creative.Cliche created this Hisoka Hunter inspired anime makeup tutorial.  

We missed out on the spooky Halloween celebrations, so I don't know about you but we are going seriously scary this year! What are you dressing up as for Halloween? 

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