Festival season isn't over yet, baby!

Sooo I don’t know about you, but I feel like summer seems to have flown by. We are still in festival season though, for another month or two, and then it’s over again ’til 2023 and we re-enter the cold, bitter UK winter cries. A question on most of our minds in the run up to a festival is “what am I gonna wear?”, and it’s echoed a few too many time in groupchats and texts alike. The key is to find outfits that show your signature style (or the style you wanna convey), whilst being functional and comfy enough for you not to start complaining after an hour of wearing it.

August 5th, 2022 | Abby Brooks
Festival season isn't over yet, baby!

For those of us who still have a festival planned before this inevitable depressive period, we should count ourselves lucky. One thing that I find funny is how different everyone’s festival experience is.


Some of us end up waking up at a random camp site with 3% on our phone and no idea where our friends are, and the closest we get to a shower is using a half dried up baby wipe. This doesn’t mean you still can’t be glamorous in this case - we all know what Kate Moss used to get up to, but she was still the moment in those iconic Glastonbury piccies.


Some of us are in bed as soon as the last act is finished and make full use of the showers, with a pristine full face of makeup on every day & perfectly planned out ‘fits, looking Coachella-ready at all times, even on the last day (the day that most of us don’t like to talk about). We STAN this It girl behaviour.


No matter which avenue you take: two things are certain. The first is that you will have an amazing time, undoubtedly. The second is that whether you’re going feral or not, you can still look fly, sexy, hot and gorgeous in some saucy vegan shoes. As a matter of fact, Koi actually make plenty of these if you’re interested. 

Indie sleaze


Indie sleaze is back if you didn’t already know! This style was huge in the 2010s and late 2000s in the MySpace era, and now kinda goes hand-in-hand with the messy girl aesthetic thanks to TikTok. Get out your fishnets, ripped denim shorts, white t-shirts, vegan leather jackets and smudge your eyeliner to the max - it’s time to embody Effy Stonem: a sentence I never thought would be said in the year 2022. This style is perfect for festivals because of its ruggedness - so whether it’s intentional or unintentional, you’ll still look 10/10. Pair your indie sleaze ‘fits with any all-black fits. For a vibe on more of the preppy Alexa Chung side, grab some vegan leather shoes or vegan leather loafers. If you’re feeling grungier, classic black lace up boots are the way to go - not only are they hard-wearing and comfy but they’re versatile and give you the effortlessly cool look. 


Fairy vibes are always a winner, ESPECIALLY at festivals. This style isn’t just exclusive to sunny weather, though, as it continues to look amazing in warehouse rave season in the colder months. Live out your fairycore fantasy with all things glitter, butterflies and fairy wings. It can even be as simple as adding butterfly clips to your hair. Grab a tiered frilly skirt,  gloves, DIY tights-into-tops, knee high socks or a corset - this look is super achievable, even on a budget. No matter how hard you go, this vibe gives you a magical feel and you won’t look out of place at any festival. Pair these ethereal looks with some platform boots - as they will help you survive the heavy festival conditions. Go all-black if you can’t decide what colour scheme you’re going for, or some all white chunky platform boots. If you really want to make a statement, wear some metallic boots with glitter pixie wings if you’re really taking the aesthetic seriously.

Dopamine dressing

Dopamine dressing means dressing in a way that makes you feel joyful and happy, wearing whatever colours and textures make you feel good. Many people associate it with wearing super bright and random block colours, which is perfect, but if you really want to get the true meaning right - wear colours that you associate with positive emotions. This ‘trend’ is so easy to get involved with because all you’re doing is wearing what makes you feel best!


Pair your dopamine-filled ‘fits with colourful shoes, like some block coloured Mary Janes to finish off your cute & bold look - whether you want hot pinksunny yellowpurple or turquoise, an eye catching Mary Jane is a good way to go. Alternatively, some chunky mules in a sweet summery colour are always a winner, too. These shoe options not only look cute, but their chunky sole means they’ll survive in those festival conditions.

Rave goth

Your festival of choice may be in the UK, but you don’t have to be in Berlin to sport an all-black rave look. This is a distinct look and is pretty simple to achieve. Inspired by the 90s Berlin underground techno scene, this style is all about being provocative and expressive, but you don’t need to wear anything revealing if you’re not comfortable. Anything like mesh, fishnet, latex, rhinestone slogan tees, vegan leather, chokers, chains and sunglasses is perfect, and pair these with sportswear and oversized garms to look effortlessly sexy and cool. Shoe-wise, its all about platforms, platforms and more platforms. The higher the better. You want shoes that are hardwearing and will keep you comfortable when dancing ALL day and night. A pair of black chunky platform boots is a failsafe option - why not make a statement in some boots with metallic hardware details? Or even wear some knee high lace up chunky boots to really make a statement? 

90s sportswear

The 90s are always associated with festival ‘fits, and the nostalgic sportswear look is popular with people each year. We love this aesthetic because it can be achieved by wearing vintage and pre-loved clothes, so get to your favourite vintage and charity shops to see what you can find! Oversized sports jackets, joggers, sports bras, t-shirts, tennis skirts and basketball shorts can be found easily and have an effortlessly cool look. Another bonus is that it’s super comfy and you can wear it day through to night. Trainers are of course the way to go when looking for shoes to go with these ‘fits. Dad trainers have been trending for a couple of years now and the hype is definitely not dying down. These go perfectly with vintage sportswear for the ‘just robbed my dad’s wardrobe look’ which we LOVE. Bright chunky trainers in pink or lilac are our faves, or go monochrome in some all-black chunky trainers or all-white.

We hope you enjoy the remainder of festival season! Keep you eyes on our blog page for more fashion content.

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