Celeb looks at NYFW: COP OR DROP!

So for those of you who have access to any form of internet or media, you'll know that the infamous New York Fashion Week has only just escaped us: the most exciting week of the year for many. The juicy question for me, personally, is…what is everyone wearing? Let’s delve in, with a Koi classic cop or drop.

September 15th, 2022 | Abby Brooks

I can only guess that this edition of Cop or Drop may involve our shoes...

Doja Cat at Bronx and Banco

Queen Doja co-ordinated her light blue dress with experimental makeup (one of her recent favourites), creating her very own fashion show spectacle (aside from Bronx and Banco of course). The ensemble combines glamour with a futuristic appeal, emphasised by her ultra-skinny alienesque brows and metallic accessories that look straight out of a sci-fi movie.

This dress is a pleasing shade, which just-so-happens to be scarily similar to our Ocean Powder Platform Trainers. In my humble opinion, these sneakers would complete this look as a third addition to the powder blue trinity; as well as adding a comfortable streetwear element. It’s gonna have to be a COP

Ciara at Revolve

Ciara has been and always will be an icon. She wore a floor length leather jacket and stiletto boots - both with a black glossy finish. This Matrix-inspired look is completed with oversized blackout sunglasses, proving that sexiness doesn’t always derive from baring any skin.

However, one thing is missing here…a platform! Some added height would elevate this look (quite literally) to have even more of a high-fashion edge. The Redemption Black Patent Stretch Thigh High Boots would do just this. I’m sorry Ciara, this was a close one and would have been a cop with some platforms - it’s a DROP

Evan Mock at Fendi

At the Fendi Spring 2023 show, Evan Mock wears a cream shearling bomber with maroon leather culottes - an unexpected combination that looks chic nonetheless, but that’s what fashion week is all about. the look is accessorised with a bucket hat and clutch in Fendi monogram print, and I want to steal the whole ‘fit.

Hold on a second, are those…Mary Janes? Props for a guy wearing this iconic shoe silhouette, and they look especially cute here when paired with white socks for that back-to-school look. Although, this kind of feels like betrayal - isn’t it a well-known fact that we are the top suppliers of Mary Janes? Should have came to us king, we would have sorted you out with our Tira Black Mary Janes ‘Patent Edition’. It was going so well, too. DROP.

Bella Hadid at Fendi

Miss Bella we love you - and if you’re reading this, we will supply you any of our shoes for the rest of your life. Anyway, let’s talk about this Tiffany blue satin jumpsuit that she wore to grace us down the Fendi catwalk. This is definitely her colour (although I say that every time she wears any colour) - the way it compliments her tanned skin makes me feel a certain special way, and it’s safe to say I am obsessed.

This all-in-one is paired with some fluffy mules, which are a unique and low-key questionable choice but I like how unexpected it is. This outfit would look cute and generally have more of a commercial appeal with some block coloured heeled boots, like our Lexus Green Platform Heeled Boots, but we would never tell Baby Bella what to do. Sadly, though, it’s gonna be a drop because those mules are unforgivable. Joking - obviously it’s a COP!

Julia Fox at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons Party

Selecting just one Julia Fox outfit was probably the hardest decision of my life thus far. This woman knows how to curate outfits that are really out-there, all whilst looking amazing. If she was a fabric she would be PVC…or in this case cellophane.

This dress, designed by Joanna Prazmo, has an unsettling, almost clinical look that makes it even more charming. Her DIY cellophane shoes and bag were made by Julia just an hour before arriving at the event. The creativity! We could never. These wrapified shoes are pretty much unbeatable, however they don’t look too comfortable. Maybe some Gooey White Platform Boots would add a component of practicality for somebody looking to recreate this look, but Ms Fox would never be seen in flats. COP 10 TIMES!!!

Lil Nas X on runway at VOGUE World

It’s no secret that Lil Nas X never misses with his ‘fits. Even if you don’t listen to his music, anyone can appreciate that this star is an uber-talented queer icon with jaw-dropping outfits, and we should all take a particular moment to enjoy this look from the VOGUE World runway, which celebrated 130 years of the magazine.

In true main character style, he ended the show with a surprise performance of his song ‘Industry Baby’, wearing metallic silver high-waisted wide leg trousers with a matching jacket and and a super-cropped tank top. A 9.5/10 outfit honestly, but it would be a 10 with a pair of trusty Borin Men’s Hardware Platform Boots to tie the look together with their silver details and give it a punkier edge, although I am envious of those silver trainers. It’s a COP for our king, obviously.

Thanks for tuning in! We can only look forward to the remainder of looks from Fashion Month.
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