Buying shoes as a gift: The ultimate Koi gift guide for every style!

The festive season is just around the corner…I can almost smell it! Before the excitement of the big day can begin, the dreaded Christmas gift shopping comes first. You may be thinking something along the lines of “what should I buy for my goth cousin?” or “what should I buy for that friend who always looks perfect?”. To save the day, here's your guide on buying shoes as a gift - just in time for the panic buying to ensue.

December 9th, 2022 | Abby Brooks

Buying shoes as a gift can be a tricky one. I myself am very particular about my shoes and have trust issues about others choosing them for me. Nonetheless, when somebody else finds that perfect pair for me - the feeling of satisfaction that me and the chooser feel as a result is unmatchable - so why not give it a try? It’ll most certainly pay off. Worried? No need! I have curated this expert gift guide to teach you how to buy shoes for someone else, covering pretty much every style of person who would be a Koi customer; correct me if I’m wrong. Our shoes are also animal friendly and all, vegan baby!

THE DARK ANGEL: What to buy for an alternative person

Your dark angel bestie loves alternative subcultures, maybe because of their love for rock or punk music, maybe because they have a black soul, or maybe just for the aesthetic. No matter their reasoning: their favourite colour is black (duh), with hints of red, pink, green or purple. What shoes should I buy for them? Well, they’d look so good in a new pair of stomper boots to pair with their outfits, since they normally like shoes that are big and chunky with platforms, studs, chains or faux leather.

A must-have in every alternative wardrobe, boots are a versatile investment that are perfect for achieving maximum results with minimal effort. Ideal for adding a ‘put-together’ edge to off-duty looks or as a comfortable addition to smart or night out outfits. There can never be too many boots, and ours are super comfy and hardwearing if we do say so ourselves. We also have an extra spooky Halloween collection that can be worn all year round by your alternative bestie.

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THE RAVER: What to buy for someone who loves festivals and raves

The raver loves to escape reality in bold, sometimes slinky outfits with MEGA accessories. They tend to turn heads with their first-class unique style, and can either be leaning more into the goth rave, glittery fairy rave or neon rave style. No matter what kind of raver they are, they probably need some new shoes that are durable and can keep them comfortable all night long - and that don’t ruin their iconic outfits of course.

Our rave-ready Utopia drop consists of nostalgic nineties-inspired, comfortable and hard-wearing shoes, specifically designed for sweaty warehouses and festival fields - so whether they’re a trainers-wearing raver or a boots-wearing raver (the two main kinds obviously) then check it out. If not, our other chunky boots and trainers are skanking essentials.

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THE KAWAII PRINCESS: What to buy for a kawaii person

The kawaii princess you know is just the cutest, and that’s why you want to treat them. They like things slightly out of the ordinary, ornate, maximalist and escapist. Most importantly, their style is cute and colourful, heavily influenced by the cool streets of East Asian fashion hub Harajuku. We think they would love something in the bright or pastel shade of their favourite colour, with cute details like hearts, charms or skulls.

Our new Yami Kawaii collection might be just what you’re looking for, which consists of cute but creepy shoes from Mary Janes to platform boots. On the other hand, if the person you’re buying for is more on the cutesy pastel vibe then our Kawaii edit has got you covered.

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THE DOPAMINE CHASER: What to buy for someone who loves to stand out

The dopamine chaser radiates the most elite positive vibes and everyone wants to be around them because their ‘fits are always filled with cheerful energy. They tend to parade around in vivid, bold colours and patterns, and all-round just wearing whatever fills them with joy. My common sense is telling me that some colourful shoes will go down a treat.

Our shoes which contain the most bold vibrant offerings are definitely our Mary Janes - which range from block colours to animal print (literally: we’ve got one with pigs and bears on them). These trotters are completed with a chunky sole, strap detail, and they have all been adapted and modernised so that everybody can enjoy this timeless classic, no matter their age.

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THE NOSTALGIA BABY: What to buy for someone with Y2K style

The Y2K baddie may technically live in the 2020s but they would time travel back to the 90s and 2000s in a heartbeat if they could so flip phones were still acceptable. Nostalgia is their favourite feeling, and although they look back to the past for style inspiration they still put their own twist on whatever they wear ‘coz they’re unique, baby! Think Bratz, Avril Lavigne, Destiny’s Child & Lizzie McGuire meets Bella Hadid.

Platforms are near enough mandatory to any Y2K or nineties look - and we may or may not have a few of them to offer. Our platforms are mega chunky and stunning but we don’t compromise on comfort, so they’re all good to wear throughout the day and night. Platform trainers, platform heels and platform sandals - whatever tickles your fancy.

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THE CAPSULE WARDROBE: What to buy for someone with a signature style

We all know someone who is slowly building their capsule wardrobe because a.) they want to be a more eco-conscious sustainable baddie, and b.) having less to choose from means outfits are quicker and easier to put together every morning! Inherently basic yet elevated shoes are what they’re looking for to pair with their simple yet effective ‘fits. They’re the kinda gal who’s always got an oat latte in hand, sunglasses (no matter the weather) and perfectly styled hair. God I wish that were me.

They’re most likely into monochrome and neutrals which you would think makes them pretty easy to buy for, but they still need something that falls nothing short of stylish. Our Core range has got this covered, which has a signature style for everyone. Whether they’re a Mary Jane kinda person, a chunky boot lover or preppy vibe, our elevated basics are ideal for anyone who loves their blacks, whites and beiges.

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THE ATHLEISURE BADDIE: What to buy for someone who likes the sporty look

Your athleisure bestie may not necessarily be sporty but they sure love to sport an athletic look. Streetwear, athleisure, whatever you want to call it, their look is inspired by sportswear and has all the comfort to prove it. They love wearing things like tracksuit bottoms, sports bras and track jackets mixed with more dressy items of clothing, and they look good doing it. Why not get them some new trainers for their hot girl walks, outdoor activities and all-round just looking cute? 

Trainers are the perfect way to explore athleisure looks…without actually doing any sport. Koi sneakers are completed with a comfortable sole to avoid discomfort when wearing all day and through to the night, even after wearing for hours on end. Not only will it feel like they are walking on clouds - but they look pretty cute if we do say so ourselves.

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THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: What to buy for someone who loves heels

This one goes out to the people who get invited EVERYWHERE. When they go out for lunches, brunches, drinks, nights out…even shipping trips - they like to coordinate their ‘fits with some show-stopping shoes for added height and main character vibes. They might like flats sometimes, but heels tend to make them feel their best and that’s why they deserve a brand new pair.

Not to toot our own horns but Koi heels slap pretty hard - they’re chunky, which means they are WAY more easy to walk in than thinner styles. Not only do they elevate a look literally through height, but they also elevate outfits visually; coming in a range of designs to take you from winter to summer. Special mention to our stretchy inclusive boots.

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Good luck with your festive shopping besties!

I hope this has been even a tiny bit helpful for you - should we do a men's one next?...

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