Breaking Bad x Koi Footwear

To celebrate the launch of our new Breaking Bad x Koi Footwear Methis Cyber long boot, we are brining the danger and taking a look at some of the most shocking moments from the shows infamous history. Oh and big spoiler alert ahead! 

April 28th, 2021 | Kev
Walt Watches Jane Die

Walt has always thought that Jane was bad for Jessie. So when he walked in on the two in bed after a heroine binge he tries to wake Jessie and knocks Jane over. She then starts to chock on her own vomit. Instead of trying to help her Walt watches her die, perhaps because she is bad for his business as she was blackmailing him at the time. 

This was the moment you have to ask yourself is Walt the bad guy? Did anyone else stop rooting for him after this episode. 

Tortuga's Head Rides On A Real Tortuga Turtle

Tortuga becomes an informant and it's safe to say the cartel are not best pleased when they find out. So they decapitate the happy-go-lucky Tortuga and put his head on a turtle with a bomb. 

This scene just gave us the creeps!  

Gus Losing Half His Face

Hector gets the last laugh in this scene when Gus is taunting him. Hector taps the bell on his wheelchair and detonates the bomb that has been planted by Walt. 

To this day we are still traumatised by the scary reveal when the camera pans from one side of Gus's face to the other. Showing us the true horror of what has happened. 

Walt Kidnaps Holly

Walt abducts Holly after an argument breaks out in the house between him and Skyler. He later leaves her at a firehouse for her to be returned to her mum.

What really got us was the fact that he even had the impulse to abduct his own child! Shocking is an understatement. 

Walter Jr Tells His Dad To Drop Dead Over The Phone

Walter calls his son at school to apologise for everything he has put his family through and to also explain how to access the money he made. But his son is not interested in hearing from him and says “Why don’t you just die already? Just die!”

This is arguably the most jaw dropping moment of the whole show, our hearts were in our mouths! 

And that's the list!  What did you think was the most shocking moment from Breaking Bad? 

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