Best ways to celebrate friendship day with ur besties

Happy National Friendship Day, besties! According to National Day, this day is all about building bridges within cultures, countries and ideologies. They say that we should be celebrating our friendships, and that the most special friendships go beyond things like characteristics, pastimes, physical appearances and opinions because relationships are bigger than that! In an increasingly digital world, it’s not uncommon to communicate with your friends and loved ones via Internet or SMS as opposed to IRL. This can make it harder to show love to these amazing people in your life. It’s important to show your appreciation for the ones you love, even in the littlest ways! It’s also pretty hard to do things that are low cost nowadays in this damn economy. The world be expensive :’(. Here’s some cute things to celebrate International Day Of Friendship!

July 29th, 2022 | Abby Brooks
Make an appreciation post

A good old carousel of your fave pics with you and your loved ones on nights out, at festivals, brunches or candid pics of those cuties is bound to put a smile on their face. It’s nice to look back at memories together so this is a lovely reminder of those. Who doesn’t love social media attention? Not us. You could even make a TikTok like the cool kids nowadays, or a reel if you wanna please the Insta algorithm…am I right ladies? 

Send 'em a card!

I’m not much of a card person myself, but it’s the thought that counts. A card with cute pictures, a weird collage of photos or a wholesome message is more effort than a standard text or DM, so should make them feel special. Make it cute or make it really strange. Send it without warning so they get a genuine surprise…they might even tear up a lil bit, because they love you so much, obviously.

Coffee obviously.

Going for a lil coffee date is SUCH a wholesome activity to do with your loved ones and have a catch up (without alcohol involved, which is a rare occasion for some of us). Even better than your average chain (coffee chains still slap though), hit up an independent coffee shop to live out your main character dreams and support local businesses. Cute vibes only. And, of course, get a lil pastry.

Have a swap shop in your bedroom

We love a sustainable fashion queen - sort through your clothes and and put all the stuff you don’t wear anymore into a bag. Then invite some of your besties round and tell them to do the same! One person’s *trash* is another person’s treasure. Let’s get a new wardrobe for free, baby! Wild Child-style try on party it is <3.

Car boot sale or chazza shop haul

Similar sustainable fashion vibes! A charity shop or car boot sale can be where the heat is at, or just things so strange that they’re entertaining. Princess Diana Memorobilia anyone? Going hunting for bargains and hidden treasures is a fun bonding activity for you and your besties. If you’re unsure on how to find local car boot sales, there’s normally a Facebook page for them in each area if you’re in the UK!

Surprise FaceTime

If you live too far away from your bestie to have a casual meet-up, you can FaceTime them by surprise. It’s easy to always push back your ‘catch up’ calls, so if you call them in a spur of the moment, they simply cannot say no. They might want to say no but it’s likely they’ll feel too awkward to do so. Maybe wear a weird mask for when they answer to spice it up a bit.

Yoga, hot girl walk or pilates

According to TikTok, yoga and pilates is the way to live your life now apparently. Maybe go try a class with your friends to see what the fuss is all about, or do it at home with a YouTube tutorial so you can feel like *that bitch*. Alternatively, a hot girl walk is a more simple way to enjoy a wholesome bit of nature whilst having a lil natter on with your pals. Put on a cute outfit, grab an overpriced coffee and strut, baby!

Bake (or get baked)

Why not invite your besties over to  do some vegan baking? There’s SO many recipes online or on TikTok. The Little Blog Of Vegan is amazing so check that gal out. It’s cheaper than ordering food most of the time and the activity is super fun, even if it goes horrifically wrong, and in that case just give in and order a takeaway to enjoy whilst you reminisce over your baking fail. Why not get baked after to enjoy the baked goods? (Stay safe out there besties).

Make friendship bracelets <3

This old chestnut, and oldie but goldie. Making friendship bracelets is a super cute and nostalgic bonding activity, and you end up with a new accessory…win-win situation, really. Why not go charity shopping or thrifting and get some old jewellery to upcycle it into a new necklace or bracelet for your bestie!!! Ugh that is so sustainable! We are on fire with these eco-friendly suggestions today.

Treat ur work besties

Next time you’re at work, make them a cuppa and bring them a lil snack, these are some of the people you see more than anyone else! So, every day is a good day to make them feel appreciated, and caffeine is always needed at work to get everyone through the day. It only takes 2 minutes to make a coffee but it goes a long way!

No matter how you’re celebrating National Friendship Day today, we hope you have the most wholesome day ever <3 xxx

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