April Fools the Koi way

We don’t mean to brag, but we think we absolutely nailed April Fools this year at Koi. Here’s what went down when we shocked the people of Manchester with an uncanny lookalike of one famous celeb chef known as ‘Gordon Ramsay’.

April 1st, 2022 | Lauren Adams
The April Fools Prank of the Year

We never do things by halves here at Koi, hence why the team have been in hysterics as we planned the best April Fools prank you will see this year. As a brand known for our memorable designs, we wanted a prank which would do just that! Creating a talking point both about hilarious look alike Gordon Ramsay, and our established footwear brand.

Gordon Ramsay in the streets of Manchester

Our lookalike, Gordon, took to the busy, hustling streets of Manchester, with many passers-by spotting our lookalike, he was stopped by people for a quick selfie and a chat. We even caught one person calling her family on Facetime, elated as she believed she was meeting the real chef in the flesh. Taking our prank a step further, Gorden was caught shouting his most well-known catchphrases, F* this, F that, F** you, among others. The outspoken chef, donning some dashing chef whites, even launched Gordon’s ‘idiot sandwich’ which included Hovis Best Of Both, ‘Nooch’, Heinz Beans, the devils lettuce ;) and a lawsuit from Mr Ramsay. AND, It doesn’t end there…

Gordon Ramsay Hacked Our Website Insta!!

Gordon also made an attempt to launch his very own merch on our site and Instagram account. We managed to trick many of our online customers by temporarily shutting down our site, to keep you all fooled! ‘Hacking’ the Instagram account, our lookalike chef certainly had so many of you confused as to what the hell was going on and if THE celeb chef really was working with our brand.

Koi, Doing things Differently

Like we said, we don’t do things by halves. This April Fools prank was all about causing a commotion, much like our designs we want to get people talking. If you’re new here to Koi and want to understand what we’re all about, maybe you’re visiting the site since bumping into our Gorden, check out our bestsellers. Including, Chunky Boots, Mary Janes, Platforms and Heeled Boots. Think of us as your new bestie, the vegan unisex footwear brand encouraging you to wear what you want, when you want.

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