Anime Characters Wearing Koi

I think it’s safe to say animation holds a very important place in all our lives. Where would we be without “Spectacular Spiderman”, or “Ultimate Spiderman”, or “Spiderman 1967”, or “If I don't successfully pick up 420 girls, I am going to die in a lot of different ways”.  We decided to have a sit down and think about which characters from our favourite cartoons and anime would wear shoes from our range.

November 10th, 2021 | Kev

This feisty lady scares me! She genuinely scares me! I both love and hate how ruthless she is! If she were real and I met I would immediately fall in love with her and then she would set me on fire and I would thank her… Anyway, she’d probably look good in these ‘Culture Steampunk Brogues’.

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Double Trouble

Double Trouble could rock any shoes they wanted, but these ‘Helios Hologram Flame’ boots perfectly match their sneaky and mischievous personality.

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I have a soft spot for Entrapta, like any rational person. Just look at her character design. Whoever came up with that is a genius. A kind hearted and soft soul like this one would be well suited to our ‘Chimera Yami Kawaii’ printed boots.

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Looks like a cinnamon roll. Could kill you. ‘Tira Mary Janes Babydoll Blue Editions’.

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Born from potara fusion, Kefla is a serious opponent. She’s fast and furious. The ‘Dionne Rust Suede’ boots would be a good fit for a hot-headed hero like this one.

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Someone from the snowy depths of the Southern Water Tribe would need some sturdy shoes to get around, and these blue ‘Gooey Baby’ platforms would do the job just fine.

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Someone with the ability to control plants should have the shoes to match. And what better than the ‘Sai Mary Janes Strawberry Fields Edition’?

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With killer moves like ‘Pretty Cannon’ and ‘Ribrianne Super Amore Shower’, the Defender of Love and Justice of Universe 2, Brianne de Chateau, fucks. She’d fuck harder in our ‘Dolly Cloud Sweetheart’ heeled boots

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I think it goes without saying that the Granddaddy of Gundam would turn heads in these ‘Astrid Star and Moon’ over-the-knee boots, and not just cos it’s a 60ft mech suit.

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Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon would be a perfect fit at Koi. She’s stylish, she’s cool and she’s the Queen of Crystal Tokyo. What more could you ask for? We’d pair her with our ‘Piper Slim Block’ heel boots.

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This caped baldy isn’t one to draw attention to himself, so he’d probably go with one of our more subtle options, like these ‘Corrupter Square Toe’ shoes.

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The Tornado of Terror, Tatsumaki, is a force of nature. She’s merciless and we love that about her. To match her deadly personality, we’ve chosen the ‘Sai Mary Janes Dry-Bones Edition’ (available for pre-order now!)

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Well, I feel weird. Which of our shoes would your favourite character wear?

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