Alopecia Awareness Month: my journey with hair loss

Hey ya’ll, September is alopecia awareness month woop woop. So I wanna come on here and spread awareness for the condition that makes me unique and gorge, but has also made me feel super self-conscious and confused before I was fully comfortable with myself, I’ll take you on a little journey through my experience which I hope will help some of you guys also going through the same thing!

September 27th, 2022 | Ell Burford

It is one of the hardest things I’ve had to overcome as it destroyed all the confidence I had but without it I would not be the woman I am today. 


I can always remember having small patches of hair loss but when I was around 10 was when I realised something was different and started going to the dermatologist, it was then I was diagnosed with alopecia areata. The first time I lost some of eyelashes was the hardest, I feel like that was the first hurdle through my journey which really made me struggle especially when it is expected for girls to have long pretty eyelashes. This happened when I was still in school, so you can only imagine how nervous I was about people noticing but to my surprise no one did. My eyelashes grew back and for a good four years I thought that was it, until my last year at university where the pressure of final year caused my alopecia to go from 0 to 100. Within about 4 months I had gone from having a full head of hair to not being about to go out the house without wearing a headscarf. It was at this point I needed to start looking at wigs. Getting used to wigs was a struggle I had never previously thought about, they felt weird and unnatural on me, and I felt like everyone was going to look at me and know I was wearing a wig. It definitely took a lot of getting used to and I had to try many wigs throughout the years to find the perfect one, but I am so comfortable in my condition and knowing I can switch between any colour hair I want to on a daily basis is a massive flex.


I think without the great support system I have behind me it would’ve been so much harder but thanks to my mom and bestest friends in the whole world for revamping my confidence. It’s obviously not all sunshine and rainbows and it’s okay to have days where you’re upset about it, but I’ve realised hair doesn’t define you and everyone is beautiful with or without it as it just makes up a part of who you are.

Bald baddies unite <3 xx

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