3 generations of Mary Janes: our shoot with Kayley, Larraine and Evelyn

We took 3 very special ladies out for a very special day last week - and I must say they looked truly iconic. Student Kayley, her grandmother Larraine and great grandmother Evelyn were the 3 generations modelling Mary Janes - proving that these shoes can be enjoyed by all ages. It all happened from a LinkedIn post, too! Read more to find out…

December 19th, 2022 | Abby Brooks
It all started with a LinkedIn post

Koi stumbled across a photoshoot on our LinkedIn feed that caught our eye: Kayley, a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, had posted it.

She was super new to LinkedIn and in the process of building her portfolio - so took it upon herself to style and photograph her great grandmother Evelyn. The pictures looked amazing - with the styling reminiscent of images straight out of a Gucci campaign.

We loved the initiative that Kayley showed towards her work, and wanted to give her, her grandma and her adorable great grandmother a special treat. So - we decided to take them out for the day in a limousine through Manchester to model our Mary Janes; demonstrating that Mary Janes can be worn by anybody, at any age.

Despite being our bestselling signature shoe, it’s no secret that Mary Janes weren’t invented by us.

Mary Janes are adapted and reinvented by us in the Koi way! We have so many styles of these bad boys that they are suitable for anyone as young as 12 (or even younger), all the way up to age 93 like Evelyn - which is proven in this shoot. A shoe with an 80+ year age range? A flex on our part.

Picking the ladies up: great grandmother Evelyn, grandmother Larraine and Kayley from home in a white limousine, they were driven along Manchester’s finest Salford Quays to get some photos taken outside - followed by a final drop-off to Un.Titled studios for the studio shoot to take place.

We asked the ladies about trend cycles

They agreed that a lot of trends are clearly recycled, with Larraine noticing a full circle in fashion styles over the years. She said that she remembers Mary Janes and platforms being trendy years ago.

Pointing at her daughter’s collared mini dress that she was wearing - Larraine also said that she would wear that style of dress as a young adult, too. The collared dress was also somewhat in likeness of what Evelyn would wear as a teenager. However - Evelyn never wore mini dresses, exclaiming that she never had the legs for them which sent the room into laughter.

Despite similarities, the generations are vastly different to each other

When Evelyn was between the ages of 10 to 16, the war was still happening which meant fashion was extremely limited at this time.

After leaving school and beginning to go dancing, she only had one dress for the whole winter that she would wear every Saturday night. It was a pale blue with tiny white polka dots - which she would add variation to and style up every week with different belts, buttons, trimmings and collars. The brave lady would go bare legged all winter to avoid paying for tights, as they came at the cost of 2 coupons which could have been used for other, more important things.

This is pretty shocking to a Gen Z-er. I mean, many people nowadays are horrified at the thought of being seen twice in the same outfit on their Instagram in the space of a few months - never mind every weekend.

It really puts things into perspective and made me question my consumption habits when it comes to fashion.

Which one of the ladies is the most stylish?

Well, there wasn’t much room for debate. Evelyn immediately declared herself with this title, to which the other two agreed with. Even when she was younger she told us that she was very particular with her dress sense and what she would choose to wear - an attitude which has clearly been passed through their generations.

I wasn’t surprised by this answer at all considering Evelyn’s bold and eclectic outfit choice, consisting of two-toned green checkerboard tights with a very sixties, lilac button up mini dress.

Do they think that Mary Janes can be worn by all generations?

Again, Evelyn swiftly answered - with a ‘possibly, yes’.

Why not a definite yes? Well, she laughed and clarified that many people of her age are not actually walking. Makes sense since she is 94 in 2 weeks! 

Impressively, she only ever uses her walking stick when she’s walking long distance as well - I wanna be like her when I grow up.

Mary Janes: one for every age

Each of them was wearing a different Mary Jane - with Evelyn wearing our flattest Mary Janes for practicality.

Kayley claimed that she can definitely see Mary Janes fitting in with any generation, stating “there’s so many variations of your Mary Janes to fit with many people’s styles, chunky shoes are in right now but for grandma there’s more practical ones”.

Did they expect this to all come from a LinkedIn post?

Nope, not at all! The reaction was a huge shock - especially since Kayley was so new to LinkedIn, and also because the shoot was mainly just to add to her portfolio of work.

This doesn’t mean she wasn’t proud of the images at first, though, as she explained how hard she worked to create them. 

Moral of the story: put yourself out there and get ya self on LinkedIn! Especially when you’re seeking work opportunities as a fashion student: you never know what can come from it.

How are the ladies spending Christmas?

Kayley, Larraine and Evelyn are spending their Christmas together with the whole family! We hope they have the best Christmas ever.

Craving more Mary Janes now?

Check out our Mary Janes style guide :)

We hope you enjoyed a bit of wholesome content for a change, and have a very Merry Christmas from Koi xxx

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